Optivision For All is a member program designed to offer comprehensive eye examinations including prescription check for glasses and thorough ocular health evaluations through a single package and monthly subscription to meet your budget.

Here are just some of our many benefits available to members of our program:

Full Eye Exams – At every comprehensive examination, the doctors will check the intraocular pressure, peripheral vision (visual field), and appearance of the optic nerve. Every year, they will make sure that the appearance of the optic nerve does not change, which could be an early sign of glaucoma. If caught early, glaucoma can be treated to greatly reduce the risk of blindness.

Dry Eye Evaluations – Our doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye syndrome. Symptoms of this debilitating disease range from blurred vision, burning, tired eyes (especially bad while at the computer towards the end of the day), irritation, and redness.

Diabetic Screenings – If not caught early, diabetic retinopathy can cause blindness. The doctors at Optivision Eyecare will write a thorough ocular report to your primary care doctor and / or endocrinologist to ensure proper management of this disease.

LASIK Consultations – We can provide thorough ocular testing, giving you our highest recommendation whether you are a good candidate for this or any other refractive surgery procedure.

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