First let’s understand what the average vision plan offers you and your family on a typical coverage plan. 

Let’s say you’re on a monthly plan and you pay $27-$35 for coverage, whether it’s for yourself or includes your family. It doesn’t seem like much, however let’s drill down to the actual benefits. Normally you get an allowance every 2 years of about $150-$180 towards frames OR lenses, exams and other options. That’s 2 years where if in between anything happens to your frames, you only get to replace them at a discounted rate of the retail value. Now, $150  will probably only cover 50-75% of the total cost.

When it comes to the most important features about your lens, typically Polycarbonate lenses will cost you an additional $90-$125. Let’s not forget about eye exam copay and materials copay.  All this out of pocket costs can add up to $475 after your insurance coverage. Yes, these situations are happening more often than you think. Which is why we designed this membership program.

All of our packages include the most important features about your lens. There are no additional out of pocket charges aside from the single visit copay of just $25 and your membership plan. That’s it! So even our most comprehensive plan COMPLETE PROGRESSIVE is already saving you an average of $250-$300. Now, what about the monthly membership subscription?  The plan that you choose for a monthly subscription allows you to return once your plan is paid off to receive the full benefits of the plan with no upfront costs. So all in all, you save, you pre-pay in a small monthly fee and you get full benefits and of course, every year you get new frames and lens.

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